Several customers across industry verticals entrust Stragure with their new product development requirements. We leverage our strong expertise in the latest of cloud and web technologies to develop products that address today’s business challenges.

Our outsourced product development services span the entire continuum of activities involved in product development:

  • Conceptualization and design
  • Concept development and validation
  • Development of prototype / product mocks / wireframes
  • Proof of concept
  • Architecture
  • Technology selection
  • Architecture design
  • Integration roadmap
  • Product development and QA
  • Agile software development
  • Continuous testing
  • Support
  • Best-in-class technical support
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Documentation
  • Professional services
  • Product enhancements
  • Migration and integration
  • Product management / maintenance


  • Faster time to market of new products
  • High quality products that work reliably and require lesser maintenance
  • High level of customization with lesser integration hassles
  • Significant cost savings.



Apart from end-to-end product development, Stragure also undertakes bespoke application development to enable you to leverage technology to solve a wide range of minor and major business challenges. With our proven expertise in enterprise application development especially in the B2B space, Stragure is the ideal choice of most customers running complex businesses that employ mission-critical applications.

Be it end-to-end application design and development or management of any modular activity within the overall lifecycle – design, architecture, development, or QA – Team Stragure works closely with your business and technical teams to develop applications that seamlessly integrate into your current IT setup. As the name suggests, our “bespoke” application development practice lays strong emphasis on customization. Our applications are, therefore, built in accordance with your specific requirements, your environment, and your existing IT infrastructure.


  • Deep domain expertise across a wide range of technologies – both commercial and open source
  • Strong understanding of complex businesses
  • High level of customization
  • Accelerated development cycle rendering high quality of software development at lower costs.


We understand that your product / application development requirement is driven by the following key questions:

  • Will the product / application address your business need?
  • Will it lend itself to the growing needs of your business? Will it scale in accordance with your needs?
  • Does it have a long shelf life or will it become obsolete as newer technologies enter the market?
  • Will it easily integrate with other third-party and in-house applications?
  • Will you enjoy a positive ROI after taking into account the initial cost of development and also the future costs of maintenance and enhancement?

We at Stragure believe that the right choice of technologies, frameworks, and components is the key to developing ROI positive products and applications. With our technology consulting service, we enable you to answer these key considerations before the commencement of the software development cycle.

Our consulting services include the following:

  • Identify the right product / application design to address the business need
  • Identify the right technologies, architecture, and integration mechanism to ensure scalability and lower total cost of operations (TCO)
  • Identify the right software development framework and engagement model to ensure lower cost of development
  • Identify the overall product roadmap clearly defining the lifecycle including maintenance and upgrade requirements.
  • In all, our technology consulting service ensures that you clearly articulate your product / application development requirement and ensure lowest TCO and highest ROI.


There is probably no business in the world today that remains untouched by IT. In fact, except for the strategic decision making function, more and more businesses employ IT to handle all other tasks within the organization. Yet, IT adoption is far from efficient in most organizations primarily because of the following:

  • IT means different things to different people; the perceived value, and therefore the acceptable cost of investment on IT, is different among different teams.
  • IT involves too many service providers; enterprise applications are almost always a confluence of several in-house and third-party vendor solutions.
  • IT is not always perceived as a coming together of hardware and software. There is often too much emphasis on one or the other rather than on them both complementing each other.
  • IT is always rapidly changing. Sometimes, even before a solution is developed and implemented, technologies sometimes becomes obsolete.

Stragure’s IT optimization service allows you to plan and optimize your IT spend – both hardware and software – in order to extract maximum return for your investment by progressively:

  • Establishing the right mix of hardware and software to achieve overall organizational IT goals
  • Lowering cost of operations by automating business processes across the organization
  • Using IT to deliver services efficiently and improving business responsiveness
  • Leveraging IT strategically to increase business and improve profitability
  • Developing IT into a strategic differentiator that keeps your company ahead of competition.


With the proliferation of touch-screens and portable devices such as iPads, tablets, and laptops, interface design and user experience have taken on a whole new meaning. As developers of market-leading B2B ecommerce platform, B-eCom, Stragure identified the need for UX expertise very early on. The result is our strong expertise in user experience design and our ability to design interactive, intuitive, and uncluttered user interfaces that lend themselves seamlessly across different devices.

Stragure’s product development and application development services can be extended to include user experience design. Our Experience Design (XD) consultants work with our product development team to:

  • Develop designs and interfaces that score high on usability and user experience
  • Quantify the user experience of an existing solution and develop a product enhancement roadmap to improve product experience
  • Modify application design to suit different devices / form factors
  • Develop experimental designs and prototypes for new products.


We believe that the choice of technology is as vital as the people working on the project. Team Stragure is well versed with a wide range of commercial and open source technologies. It is this breadth of expertise that allows us to cater to the varied software development needs of our customers across industry verticals.

The following are some common development frameworks we employ:

  • Spring (J2EE Core)
  • Spring Web Flow (J2EE Workflow)
  • Spring Roo (J2EE RAD)
  • Apache Tapestry (J2EE Componentization)
  • OSGI (J2EE Application Bundling)
  • Terracotta (J2EE Clustering)
  • Hibernate (J2EE Persistence)
  • Jackrabbit (J2EE Content Repository)
  • Apache Axis (J2EE Web Services)
  • Yii (PHP OO RAD)
  • Drupal (PHP CMS)
  • .NET (ASP.NET/Web Services)

Here are some of the tools that we employ to test performance and load:

  • Apache JMeter
  • WAS
  • Google Speed Tracer
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