iPad App for Managing Perishable Contracts

iPad App for Managing Perishable Contracts

The contract fulfilment conundrum

When you are in the perishable products business, expiry dates can make or break a contract. Since payments depend on the quality of products, which in turn is hugely dependent on shelf-life of natural ingredients, fulfilling contracts on time is critical to business success and profitability. Obscure delivery patterns and lack of visibility into shipment schedules can wreak havoc on cash flows and carrying costs.

Our solution

Our customer, the global leader in value-added spices and manufacturer of natural colors, approached us to resolve multiple business challenges with a solution that would:

  • Provide their customers (who place orders for natural coloring agents)real-time information about contracts pending delivery
  • Improve visibility into shipment schedules and reduce related paperwork
  • Include a customer feedback mechanism for each shipment.

The result of our collaboration was a unique iPad app powered by a contract health management engine.

What our solution enables


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