Integrating Points; Maximizing Loyalty

Integrating Points; Maximizing Loyalty

Too many cards spoil the party!

Loyalty points are a way of rewarding loyalty and increasing customer stickiness. However, several companies have learnt the hard way that reward points and loyalty cards are simply not enough to retain customers. Utilization is the bane of loyalty programs that compel customers to purchase more items from the same brand. With poor utilization, the card is soon forgotten, as is the brand.Added to this is the need for shoppers to carry multiple loyalty cards to avail various offers.

Our solution

Our customer, currently Asia’s largest loyalty platform, approached us to create one of India’s earliest integrated online loyalty management portals. The requirement was two-fold:

  • Create an online portal where potentially millions of customers can redeem their points by purchasing products online
  • Aggregate the catalogs of multiple merchants on a single platform to enable shoppers to integrate points from various vendors and redeem them for purchases across brands.

The result was a portal that today aggregates the catalogs of thousands of merchants and supports millions of transactions India; the portal enjoys consistently high Alexa ranking based on the traffic it attracts each day.

What our solution enables



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