Closing in on the Demand, Supply and Inventory Gap

Closing in on the Demand, Supply and Inventory Gap

The invisible challenges of distribution

Manufacturing companies are acutely aware of the fact that distribution and management of inventory in transit can be a logistical nightmare. What products to ship, in what quantities, and to which distributor are questions that need to be answered every day, sometimes several times each day. Added to this the challenge of managing unsold goods.

Our solution

Our customer, a leader in the Indian comfort mattress industry, approached us to solve their manufacturing planning and supply chain challenges with the use of technology. As one of India’s largest manufacturers of mattresses, our customer caters to demand across the country through regional sales offices that liaise with a wide network of local retail and wholesale distributors.

We partnered with our customer to develop a platform that enabled the following:

  • Production planner, deployed at the head office, to develop production plans based on sales intelligence obtained from all regional sales offices
  • Replenishment planner, deployed at all regional sales offices,to forecast demand for various product categories and raise orders for timely replenishment of stock
  • Transportation planner, deployed at all manufacturing units, to automatically plan the packing, loading, and shipment details of consignments based on the items being shipped.

What our solution enables


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