Stragure is an equal opportunity organization. We take pride in being an organization where programming skills and strategic (solution) approach take precedence over everything else, including educational qualification.

We are always looking for people with an inherent love and knack for software programming in the application development and solution space. At Stragure, we foster an open culture where employees are encouraged to share their views, insights, issues and concerns with the management almost on a regular basis.

If you are passionate about software engineering and looking out for a change, then don’t be hesitant in mailing your resume at with subject line

“PASSIONATE ABOUT SOFTWARE ENGINEERING” and we shall meet up over a cup of coffee !

We also have unique and very successful program for freshers. If you think you know core java well and willing to learn some of the most advanced J2EE frameworks with little guidance, then drop in your resume at with subject line “FRESHER” and we will get back to you and explain you our program whenever we have openings for freshers !


We at Stragure, bring together the most talented and enthusiastic workforce in these next generation talent hubs. An exciting amalgamation of diversity and intellect, Stragure provides a dynamic, goal-driven and a highly motivating work environment.

We continuously encourage our people to redefine what’s possible and achievable; this means tangible value to our clients. We employ the best people in the domain to ensure that our customers always get what they expect, and more.


Mahesh Patil, Associate Software Engineer

“STRAGURE provides a dynamic, goal-driven and highly motivating environment. At STRAGURE, it’s about innovation and thinking out of the box. I’m glad to be a part of this organization where I’ve got into a career that I can enjoy, grow and develop. The guidance and support that I receive from my superiors from time to […]

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Murali Krishna, Software Engineer

“I have joined in September 2009 as a fresher, and got a good exposure to lot of new technologies.My seniors have guided me and supported me at all times.Stragure provides a open,friendly and flexible work environment and provides more opportunities to learn latest technologies.The management is supportive and encourages research on new technologies.Stragure working environment […]

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Nandita Vijayaraghavan, Associate Software Engineer (QA)

“I am very happy to be a part of Stragure, where each day in Stragure is a new learning and rewarding experience for me. Stragure has given me the right opportunity to mature from an Engineering Graduate fresh out of college to a QA Engineer. I truly feel that an individual with right attitude and […]

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Kaushal Singh, Associate Software Engineer

“Working environment in Stragure is really great. During my initial days at Stragure, all my seniors out here helped me a lot to understand technology fundamentals of various technologies and tools such as Spring Roo as well as core web application concepts. Past one week, I have been allotted a project where i will have […]

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Mahesh Kanzarkar, Associate Software Engineer

“I have been with Stragure from last 6 months and when I compare myself with what I was before, I find some incredible changes which has happened within me in a very small span of time. My technical skills have improved rapidly especially due to the environment out here which encourages a lot of reading […]

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Umesh Panditkar, Senior Software Engineer

“At Stragure work-desk, we are free to explore and are encouraged to share new ideas. I can say that Stragure culture keeps Stragurites motivated while helping them to maintain a balance between their professional and personal lives. Stragure has a friendly work atmosphere and inputs from employees are taken into consideration while taking some of […]

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Aravind Nadagouda, Senior Software Engineer

“At Stragure if you have the enthusiasm and want to grow, then this is the right place for you. I joined Stragure as a fresher and now i have stepped up the ladder to become a Senior Software Engineer. I have been with the company since its inception and the journey so far has given […]

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Santhosh Kumar MJ, Senior Software Engineer

“My journey with Stragure started after I had majored in Computer Science and Engg from VTU, Karnataka. My growth has been full of exciting challenges backed by awful lot of learning. The exposure that I have gained here has been truly immense! Handling huge and multiple concurrent deliveries, managing sizeable teams, 8 by 7 Customer […]

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