vMAPS B2B Platform

vMAPS (visual Merchandise Assortment Platform for Sales) B2B Platform

For details on Stragure B2B solutions offering (vMAPS), please visit vMAPS Portal.

vMAPS platform addresses the myriad challenges faced by manufacturing companies in the digital age – multi-location manufacturing units, geographically distributed warehouses, and global markets served by an intricate network of distributors and retailers who need to be able to respond to their customers’ demands rapidly. The platform includes the following capabilities:

  • Order Manager
  • Sales Enabler
  • Demand Planner
  • Transportation Planner
  • Inventory Planner
  • B2C Ecommerce Platform


  • Be in full control of your order management mechanism.
  • Customize your engagement with each distributor / retailer with customized product listings, pricing, discounts, and order fulfillment timelines.
  • Accelerate decision making by giving your distributors, retailers, and salespersons access to real-time product availability and pricing information.
  • Increase reseller “stickiness” and channel sales by enriching the product discovery process and simplifying the order placement workflow.
  • Maximize order fulfillment by eliminating inefficiencies in coordination among distributed factories.
    Leverage orders commitments from the portal to forecast demand better and consequently manage procurement, replenishment and manufacturing more effectively.
  • Simplify shipping, warehousing, and associated supply chain logistics by placing them on a common platform with order management.
  • Leverage the powerful B2B functionality to provide an exhilarating B2C ecommerce experience to online shoppers.


Stragure Order Manager offers a unified web-based platform for end-to-end purchase planning, inventory management, and order fulfillment. The platform allows manufacturers to:

  • Regulate Orders: Allow distributors to view only those products that are available in stock / in line with your manufacturing plan. Each distributor will see only those brands / variants that they are dealing with.
  • Manage Pricing: Build in dynamic business rules related to pricing and discounts to display real-time prices based on type of product, volume, distributor, region of sales, etc.
  • Create Dynamic e-Catalogs: Allow retailers and distributors to create a customized, e-catalog of products they are interested in ordering. Distributors can simply drag and drop products from the list to view their description and pricing information, and quickly place an order for them from the same screen.
  • Ensure Order Fulfillment: Orders entered on the B-eCom portal can be configured to directly reach the manufacturing unit for planning and fulfillment. This direct notification from the distributor’s end ensures that there is no loss of time, no loss of information, and that the factory has adequate control over their planning, sourcing, and scheduling activities.
  • Handle Inventory: With full control over the types of orders being processed from various locations and distributors, you will find yourself in a position to reduce carrying costs of inventory, reduce factory lead times, minimize stock-outs, and regulate re-order levels.


Stragure Sales Enabler is a handy tool to supplement the efforts of your sales team. With this platform, your sales reps can create e-catalogs of products in a trendy flip-book format in real-time. Specially developed with tabs and smartphones in mind, these flip-books are the ideal visual aid for sales persons on the go. With Sales Enabler your sales rep can:

  • Create: Simply drag-and-drop items of interest during the discussion to obtain real-time pricing for the chosen product.
  • Customize: The catalog can be further customized to include text, images, and even videos. You can filter different pieces of information such as product name, product code, etc. You can also edit the background and skin of the catalog or use the rich text editor to customize the font to add further appeal.
  • Communicate: The completed catalog can be saved as a PDF, exported as an excel sheet along with the images, or emailed to the customers for further deliberation.
  • Complete: With the decision-makers convinced, your sales rep can quickly close the loop by placing the order from the unified portal.


Stragure Demand Planner enables enterprise level demand management right down to the SKU level while spending significantly lesser time, effort, and resources.

  • No Guesstimates: As your distributors pre-book their orders for the coming months into the Order Manager, the Demand Planner module compiles these orders across distributors and provides you with accurate demand figures for various items in your product line.
  • Qualified Information: Demand Planner provides full visibility into upcoming requirements right down till the SKU. You can configure your e-catalog to capture not only the item code information but also qualify the requirement specifications based on parameters such as color code, size, model number, etc. Such accurately qualified information allows you to plan your inventory procurement and manufacturing schedules with great ease.
  • Centralized Demand Management: Demand Manager compiles orders placed by distributors and retailers across geographies into a single, centralized repository. Apart from managing current demand efficiently, this centralized feed allows you to develop credible forecasts, identify trends, and suitably device / modify business strategies in line with market information
  • Full Control over Demand: Skillfully steer demand for select items by configuring your e-catalog to display only those items that you wish to promote during a season and hide products that you do not wish to actively focus on at any point in time.


Shipping and logistics is one of the most complex elements of order fulfillment. Stragure’s Transportation Planner significantly simplifies logistics by:

  • Consolidating Shipping Dates: Each time an order is committed into Stragure’s Order Manager platform, the appropriate manufacturing facility receives a notification that sets off the manufacturing planning and order fulfillment cycle. This also provides you with firm estimates on when the finished goods will be ready for shipping from various locations right at the time of order booking, thus leaving you with adequate time to arrange logistics and shipping documentation.
  • Realigning Supply Chain: Based on the geographical location of the distributor placing the order and the shipment destination, you can choose the most appropriate manufacturing and warehousing facilities to reduce overall cost of order fulfillment and time to market of products.


Stragure Inventory Planner leverages the order manager and demand manager modules to give you full control over multi-channel, multi-location inventory management. Inventory Planners allows you to:

  • Centralize inventory requirements needed to fulfill orders placed by retailers from across the globe
  • Ascertain inventory required at each manufacturing facility at any given point in time
  • Track consumption of inventory closely to minimize wastage / pilferage of stock
  • Reduce overall carrying costs and optimize stock procurement and replenishments costs and by consolidating requirements across facilities
  • Manage reorder levels effectively, even in a just-in-time inventory model, and reduce possibilities of stock outs
  • Avoid delays in order fulfillment by configuring the e-catalog to hide items that are out of stock or not likely to be ready for shipment in time.

For details on Stragure B2B solutions offering (vMAPS), please visit vMAPS Portal.

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